STOP SHOOTING PAPER! Enjoy a life-like adventure...

3-Dimentional Archery prepares an archer for real world hunting situations by assimilating the archer into the same environment one will experience in the wild.

 3-D is a fun Archery sport for any age and any skill level.

Our 3D Archery is set in a real woods environment. The goal of 3D Archery is learning the skill of locating a target and evaluating how far your shot will need to be to hit the target.

Our 3D Archer will shoot at various Deer, Hog, Skunk, Cougar, Bobcat, coyote, and turkey shaped targets. These are close to life sized animals.

Our 3D Archers come from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. Beginners and experts can have a lot of fun in this sport.

Dossey Creek Archery works to provide a premium 3D and traditional setting for archers of every skill level. Come and see for yourself. It is the most fun you can have with a bow without being on the Hunger Games.

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“My children and I absolutely love Dossey Creek Archery.” -Carol L., Mother of four children

“I wish Dossey Creek was in my area. I would shoot here every week. This is too nice to pass up.”

-Elbert H. , Bow Hunter

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Mission Statement:

To provide a dynamic outdoor educational experience, with hands on training for archers at any level in a clean, safe, and family friendly environment.

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