Dossey Creek Archery ctr.

 LESSON SPECIALS every Saturday and Sunday

(Call for weekday appointments)
We offer a personalized hands-on archery education. We can teach you to shoot like a pro. Are you ready to reach your potential?

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$15 for Single Shooters (Equipment included)

$25 for Two Shooters (Equipment included)

$45 for Four Shooters (Equipment included)

*You may bring your own bows and arrows with target heads only

We recommend that you are at least 7 years old to participate in any group lesson. All our groups are kept to a minimal size to maximize personal teacher-student interaction.

AVAILABLE for your homeschool, church, youth, corporate, and civic group.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES are best at Dossey Creek! We have a wonderful pavilion and will arrange BBQ or you can bring your own.


β€œIn two hours my son went from not being able to hit a target to shooting a life sized turkey out of a tree stand.”

-Bill B., Carpenter and Father

β€œI have been shooting for years and Instructor Steve Bellamy at Dossey Creek Archery gave me one unique pointer that improved my accuracy 100%. I just needed a good critical eye to catch what I had been missing for years. Thank you Dossey Creek Archery Center.”

- Sam T., Semi-professional Archer

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Mission Statement: To provide a dynamic outdoor educational experience, with hands on training for archers at any level in a clean, safe,

and family friendly environment.

Call us today at 863.529.6494

Dossey Creek offers

Genesis Bows for their students to use free of charge.

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